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Why Future Education

Ignite Future Education provides unique educational services and is devoted to the life-long learning and growth of All-Age people. What sets Ignite Future Education apart is that we provide holistic educational services to students aged from 2 years old to immigrator to help them have a balanced development, release their potential and be admitted by their desired top schools.


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Our Advantage

​Our Story

Launched in Richmond, BC, Canada. Ignite

Further Education offers professional and personalized services to help every student achieve his or her educational goals. We guide students to get into their dream universities and prepare them for a bright future.

We believe each student has great potential to develop. We help each student individually to draft strategic plans and aim to encourage not only development of knowledge but also cultivation of efficient study habits and a positive mindset.

​Our Story

Our Success

In our experience, successful university admission is the natural result of the combination of strategic planning and students’ hard work. 

Our Success

Our Mission

We focus on empowering young people

to discover their own potential and developing their character. Our rigorous and research-backed education methodologies help students improve communication, critical reading, and university-level writing skills. 

​Our Mission


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