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Positive Decipline Class


Positive Decipline Class

Positive decipline is an approach to teaching that helps children succeed, gives them the information they need to learn, and supports their development. It respects children’s right to healthy development, protection from violence, and active participation in their learning. Positive decipline is not about permissiveness, letting students do whatever they want, or having no rules, limits or expectations. Positive decipline is about long-term solutions that develop students’ own self-discipline and their life-long learning. It is about clear and consistent communication, and consistent reinforcement of your expectations, rules and limits. Positive decipline is about teaching nonviolence, empathy, self-respect, human rights, and respect for others.

Positive Decipline Class

Social and life skills for good character​
  • Listening skills

  • Brainstorming skills

  • Problem-solving skills

  • Mutual respect

  • The value of cooling off before solving a problem. (Problems are put on the class meeting agenda so a cooling off period takes place before focusing on solutions to the challenge.)

  • Concern for others

  • Cooperation

  • Accountability in a safe environment. (People don’t worry about admitting mistakes when they know they will be supported to find solutions instead of experiencing blame, shame, or pain.)

  • How to choose solutions that are respectful to everyone concerned

  • Social interest

  • That mistakes are wonderful opportunities to learn

Eight Skills For Effective Class Meetings
  1. Forming a circle.

  2. Practicing compliments and appreciations.

  3. Respecting differences.

  4. Using respectful communication skills.

  5. Focusing on solutions.

  6. Role-playing and brainstorming.

  7. Using the agenda and class meeting format.

  8. Understanding and using the mistaken goals.


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